Effective, efficient employee communications infrastructure

Following a major merger between two large organizations, fiercely autonomous operating entities would be united for the first time through everything from global purchasing to R&D to its selling/retail customer teams. The need for company wide employee communications infrastructure was greater than ever.

The solution was to build an efficient global employee communications capability that would include channel development and measurement, and coordinated internal communications content/message alignment.

Communications Goal

Build a suite of communications channels and a system for message alignment between Corporate and divisions that would deliver measurable results.

Communication Strategies

  • Assess current IT capabilities and future technology launches that can support global message delivery
  • Gain alignment between Corporate and Division communicators on prioritization and funding of technology and messaging
  • Develop and execute ongoing measurement to drive future decisions on channel/content.
  • Create and execution ongoing venue for Employee Communication leadership


  • Launched first global daily electronic tool in the company’s history, launched to all management employees across the globe:
    • Through 2-year post launch this flagship communications tool maintained 85% daily readership
    • Specialty editions on Health and Wellness, and Diversity and Inclusion launched, delivering high awareness and understanding via Organization Health/Employee Satisfaction measurement
    • Community focused weekly editions launched for geographic relevance
  • First-ever PepsiCo-wide Town Hall launched through webcasting; survey data shows
    • 89% agreed Town Hall helps them understand how PepsiCo is uniquely positioned to grow compared to its competitors.
    • 95% agreed they understand progress PEP is making on its strategic commitment to health and wellness
    • Format adopted for Division-specific town halls
  • E-Box – a quarterly tool for executives, launched as “meeting in a box” to facilitate discussions with employee groups on critical business priorities; also used for Crisis Communications briefings. Content “portalized” for specific management group access.
  • Ongoing measurement/dashboard scorecard in place on channel reach and message delivery.