Employee Brand Engagement

With the emphasis on the transformation of the company’s portfolio to healthier products and brands, senior management became concerned that the Company’s associates were feeling less comfortable speaking to the range of choices it offered, and uncomfortable addressing increasing criticism of some more indulgent categories in which they competed. After qualitative and quantitative research to gauge associate attitudes and opinions, a cross-divisional communications team (North America and International Businesses) formed, then created and executed a sustainable program designed to increase associate understanding of the company’s products and categories, and equip them with the facts to address misinformation. This effort was a first-of-its kind for the company in that it was truly a global internal communications initiative, and required a significantly increased level of collaboration between divisions and corporate communicators.


Communications goal

Deliver increased understanding of our products and categories to associates, and increase their intent to share their knowledge with retail customers, family and friends – instilling greater pride in the balanced portfolio of product choices.


Communications strategies

  • Deliver consumer-friendly, simple messaging on core categories, products and FAQs to all associates (with customization for international to address different product formulations).
  • Build a sustainable program that gives associates opportunity to interact with communication tools, demonstrate knowledge retention and illustrate their own pride in our portfolio of products.



Through the creation and global distribution of 19 “category cards,” associates reported significantly enhanced understanding and willingness to share insights about the company’s products. Tactical interactive program elements (weekly quizzes and prizes, flash e-signatures, photo contests, coupons, “Pride-casts” on specific topics like salt and sugar) generated far-reaching, sustained and engaged communication with associates. Specific post measurement demonstrated:

  • Content in the category cards generated 95% approval ratings (top-two box selection) through 19 weeks.

Total readership on electronic category cards406,191
% answering weekly quizzes correctly76%
Approval rating of 19-week series
(top-two box)
Associates better informed about our products96%
Associates saying they would share with category and product insights with customers, family, friends94%,

an increase of 25% pre-program