North American Trademark Launch

To help consumers find food and beverage products that contribute to healthier lifestyles, a new trademark was launched across more than 250 products in North America. To help drive awareness and understanding of the trademark, an integrated communications campaign – reaching internal and external stakeholders was designed and executed over a 6 month time frame.

Communications goal

Drive awareness and understanding of the trademark among consumers, nutrition influencers and company associates through an integrated communications/PR campaign.

Communication strategies

  • Leverage first-to-market innovation message with business press
  • Drive consumer ease/convenience of finding healthy products with consumers in mainstream press
  • Engage/enlist awareness and support from influencers (nutritionists, advocacy groups, dietitians) by pre-sharing program and science-based standards
  • Enlist employee support with the launch through early engagement and innovative tools


  • Products with the new trademark contributed 70% of new product revenues during the first year.
  • The company claimed #1 share of voice in health and wellness media coverage among competitive set through its PR/Communications.

PR/Influencer Results

  • Following national media briefing from CEO and chief innovation officer on the company’s health and wellness initiatives, we executed targeted communications to nutritionists, dietitians and other health professionals, then delivered news of the trademark launch, using first-to-market and portfolio breadth as key angles/messaging. Subsequently, using New Year’s resolutions and associated weight loss goals as a news hook, delivered additional exposure for Smart Spot portfolio.
    • 40 million media impressions; under budget and in direct concert with timing for first ever national (new) trademark retail promotion with largest customers. 70 broadcast placements, including network CNN, NBC; 26 national and print placements and 2 national wire placements;
    • Awareness of trustmark reached 39% among target moms, surpassing expectations by 15% for year-one launch — not supported with advertising.

Employee communications results

  • A sustained employee communications program in the US – including innovative viral e-communications campaign, a specially designed internal engagement campaign, creative collateral and interactive web tools enabled strong awareness and understanding of the program, commitment and behavior to support its introduction; Post-launch quantitative measurement showed:
  • 100% strongly agreed they understood what the trademark designation means.
  • 99% agreed they understood how the new trademark initiative fits into the company’s overall health and wellness commitment.
  • 98% agreed the internal Web site helped them learn more about the new trademark.
  • 93% agreed that overall, they were satisfied with the amount of information about new trademark designation that they have received.
  • Internally generated E-cards drove 75% of all web traffic to the external trademark site during its first month “live.”
  • Learnings from US launch were applied to Canada launch, and subsequent multicultural PR programming.