Case Study: Financial Services

An increasingly challenging regulatory environment, a dramatically changing internal structure and a need to invest in skills lead a global financial services company to engage North Star in identifying both technical communications competencies and behavioral competencies that would move the needle quickly for the team.
With communications and marketing professionals placed in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, the client partnered with North Star to engage leadership first, then roll out the competencies to the broader team in multiple phases. North Star created a change management strategy, sequenced communications to ensure all team members had an opportunity to shape the behavioral competencies, and structured in-class training in multiple markets.

As the team members completed their orientation and early training, 80% believed behavioral competencies would enable the team to work more effectively; 100% believed the standard templates and criteria for creating communications plans would help them create more effective communication plans; almost 90% said they believed the technical and behavioral competencies orientation was effective in helping them understand what is expected of them; and 100% said the time invested in the training was worth the investment.