Coaching for growth

Even the best high-potential talent sometimes hit tough spots and need coaching on how to navigate complex business environments, or how to drive more strategic results. Whether it’s a new hire, an experienced hire moving into new territory or an employee who has hit some troubled waters, North Star works with individuals and teams in marketing and communications disciplines to chart a path that helps.


Starting in 2012, North Star can also provide assessment services for employees being considered for international or global roles. North Star President Mark Dollins is certified by the Thunderbird School of International Management to administer the Global Mindset Index (GMI) assessment tool and its 360-degree counterpart tool. Both tools are used to help leaders leverage a set of characteristics that allow them to influence individuals, groups and organizations unlike themselves. Those characteristics include intellectual, social and psychological capital. And a global mindset is one of the skills sets that’s been identified as high-demand for global organizations.

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