North Star & GW University form exec development partnership

GW School of Media & Public Affairs, North Star enter executive education partnership

Washington, DC, and Stamford, CT – Communications professionals seeking to grow their careers can better educate themselves and understand how their competencies are developing, through a new partnership with GW’s School of Media & Public Affairs (SMPA) and North Star Communications Consulting.

Through SMPA’s recently launched Executive and Professional Education program, and North Star’s competency identification, assessment and analytics, communications professionals and their respective organizations can get specific professional education and understand the bigger picture around how their communications competencies can grow further.

“It’s a perfect partnership that allows communications and marketing professionals to get the immediate executive education they need, and connects them to a larger capability to develop a broad set of integrated communication skill sets,” said John Dolan, director of SMPA’s Executive and Professional Education program.

Under provisions of the partnership, GW’s executive education participants will be introduced to North Star’s communication competency identification, assessment and analytics capabilities, and North Star’s clients will be introduced to SMPA’s slate of executive education offerings and capabilities for creating customized training and development solutions.

“Whether it’s the rapidly developing area of social and digital media, or core capabilities with media relations and employee engagement, both North Star and SMPA’s executive education program have leading-edge insights and development capabilities to drive greater skills for professional communicators,” said Mark Dollins, president of North Star. “Developing deeper, broader and more integrated communications skill sets doesn’t happen by chance. It demands thoughtful, strategic planning, and this partnership is a unique combination that allows that to happen.”

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About GW’s SMPA Executive Education Program

As an innovative extension of the groundbreaking work of GW’s School of Media and Public Affairs (SMPA), the Executive and Professional Education program focuses on informing, organizing and persuading in the digital age. To give the program participants the knowledge, skills and abilities to excel in today’s ever-changing world of communication, SMPA offers unique courses that combine elements of strategic communication, journalism and political communication that can advance skills and careers in new and traditional media organizations, government, politics and business. 

About North Star Communications Consulting

North Star Communications is a communications consultancy with core capabilities in communications competency assessment, and training and development — essentially a people-focused/skill building service provider for communications and marketing teams. North Star’s mission is to guide its clients to communications solutions and skill development that helps them deliver optimal business results. Based in Stamford, CT, North Star has helped clients like Visa, Toyota, Xerox, Mercy College and Keep America Beautiful, among others, develop communications and marketing competencies.