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Growing talent: from the inside

UComm Training Modules

Growing and retaining the best marketing and communications talent increasingly is becoming a high priority for corporations and agencies. The demands for functional excellence and integrated planning and execution are unprecedented.


From employee engagement to social/digital media and reputation management and crisis communications – the needs of the business demands that organizations invest more time and energy in developing their people. At the same time, these functions and their HR partners already are stressed with daily demands of the business.


North Star Communications Consulting works with global and regional companies and agencies to deliver real solutions that develop world-class talent. We work not only on the technical competencies required, but the behavioral priorities that will enable success. Partnering with our clients, we:


  • Identify core technical and behavioral competencies that drive greater capabilities for their people and their functions’ contribution to the business, and articulate progression through those competencies.
  • Introduce tools to assess talent and chart courses for their development, allowing managers and their employees to have robust discussions about individual career growth.
  • Deliver training and development programming that lines up against those competency development priorities with specific deliverables and well-articulated returns on investment
  • Support both Communications/Marketing teams and their internal HR partners on everything from change management to established people processes.


U Comm: Your Communications/Marketing University

Every organization needs different sets of competencies to drive better business results, and each will place different priorities on various sets of competencies. But at the end of the day, every world-class marketing and/or communications organization will need to articulate the competencies it values, and prioritize how they are introduced and managed among professionals. And they’ll need to identify who needs what training and when.


That’s what makes any communications and marketing university your communications and/or marketing university. North Star takes pride in helping organizations create their own, unique marketing and/or communications universities, and supporting leadership and their teams with everything from change management to assessment and discussion tools. We can deliver customized training for identified competencies that we have in-house, or identify additional trainers who have customized instructional capabilities in other areas.


For more information, contact us and we’ll walk you through our approach and provide a customized quote for your organization.